Coloma - Gold Rush Live - 2009

Mary Blumenstein demonstrated laceing techniques during a 3-day tent-city camp out. Everyone who participated in the event slept in a tent and cooked over an open fire. Participants were dressed in 1848 attire and lived the era. There was no hot water (unless heated over the open fire), no showers, etc.

My 'home away from home' for 3 days. My 2 sons (Tom and Jim) set the tent up.

This is where I cooked Saturday and Sunday night meals. It was quite an experience. We were required to wear wool aprons since they resisted fire better than cotton. Wouldn't want to go up in flames!

During the three day event, I demonstrated from 9am to 4 or 5pm every day. This didn't leave much time for eating so it was beneficial to have a large breakfast and fruit to snack on at hand. I put up a pot of tea in the morning and sipped on it all day. People were amazed at the lacing and, keeping in persona, it was explained that my laces were purchased by Flora who worked in the gambling hall. It was said that she 'mined the miners'.

This is the gambling tent where Flora worked. They had a great deal of business and I doubt that anyone left the establishment with a penny in their pockets.

Two pictures of other areas in the tent city. There were doctors, tin smiths, merchantiles, etc., along with trappers and miners.